Discussion Meetings

We have monthly discussion meetings in 14 districts across the West Midlands open to those who are curious about Nichiren Buddhism. This is normally where practitioners discuss and share the practical benefits of their daily practice with guests and one another.

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Leamington Peace Festival,  June 2016

We will be having a stall at Leamington Peace Festival in June 2017 (dates tbc).

Leamington Peace Festival exists to promote peace, environmental harmony and living in co-operation with others:

  • By raising awareness of world and local issues
  • By giving individuals ways of becoming involved in the world around them
  • By providing an opportunity for local crafts people to demonstrate their skills and display their crafts
  • By promoting fair trade practices
  • By encouraging local artists and entertainers to share their skills


Please look out for us, feel free to stop for a chat and pick up some of the free literature about the practice that we’ll be handing out.